Shipping includes: 
Airline approved pet carrier, Veterinarian health certification, food and water dispenser, and a care package - small bag of food that he/she is eating now, and a tube of Nutri-cal. We always ask that you let us     
know as soon as the 'baby' arrives in your arms, or we will give you a call as we are anxious until he/she has arrived safely.  We are always available for questions or concerns that you may have after you have received your new 'baby'.  Please remember that these are 'our' babies before you get them, and we want them to feel safe and secure in this experience!  We will do everything we can to make this an easy trip for 'our' family member and 'your' new baby.  We will hold your baby all the way to the terminal of the airport and give tons of hugs and kisses to let them know they will be OK.  We will give your baby Nutri-Call (a nutritional supplement) before placing him/her in the carrier to help ensure that they will not be stressed when you get them.  Your baby will also have a special blanket in his/her carrier that has the scent from home.  We feel that this helps your baby bond much better at your home to have a scent from his/her family with him/her.
Please feel free to call, text, or e-mail anytime if you should be interested in one of our sweet babies.
 Harold & Ann Scott                                       
Ph. 479-207-0955                                                                    E-mail:  [email protected]

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